Your phone is your ticket for this safe & futuristic festival

Ottawa Art City is a free festival designed to showcase local art via the Hidelight app using Augmented Reality (AR) technology. From July 10 – 18, 2021 and beyond, anyone with an iPhone can engage with artists, and organizations like the Ottawa Art Gallery, The Ottawa School of Art and The City of Ottawa’s Public Art Collection around various locations downtown. It works like Pokemon Go; visitors can explore the neighbourhood while finding and enjoying artwork from the community.

Ottawa ARt City is being held in response to the situation with COVID 19.  Our goal is to highlight Ottawa’s artists and cultural institutions after the past eighteen difficult months. We hope that the festival will expose the technology to Ottawa art enthusiasts and provide an enjoyable diversion for people who would like to engage with culture safely outdoors.

During Ottawa Art City, visitors can connect to galleries or shops to support the artists directly. Visitors who would like to support artists will also be able to do so by sending tips from within the app or easily connecting to make a purchase.

Ottawa Art City is also creating a community art event, called the Children’s Commons in Major’s Hill Park. We will upload Children’s drawn or painted self-portraits to the Pokémon Go type Augmented Reality experience. Children and their families can explore the space and search for their art. After 18 months away, the festival is a safe outdoor way to start reconnecting families to the unique art experiences that Ottawa has to offer.

What is Hidelight?

Hidelight is a free new app that will help artists showcase their work while connecting to the local creative scene. It allows people to post and contribute photography, paintings, music/sounds, video and poetry anywhere outdoors, using AR. The AR experience encourages us to bring the art gallery outdoors and helps us reach and interact with new audiences. Artists can also collaborate with other artists to increase their exposure and strengthen the local art community. Creative work will be contributed around Ottawa for people to discover and experience.

We hope to see you outside in July for the festival. For any questions or further information check:, or reach out to: