Would your children enjoy seeing their drawings in Augmented reality at Major’s Hill Park?

Is your child Baroque or Rococo?

We would like to welcome your children to an art exhibit they will adore.

Starting July 10th the Children’s Commons (better known as Major’s Hill Park) is becoming a Pokémon Go type Augmented Reality experience. You and your children can explore the space and search for their art. The festival is a safe outdoor way to reconnect your family to the unique art experiences that Ottawa has to offer.

To take part:

 -We need a photo or scan (JPG or PNG) of your children’s artistic self-portrait that they complete on white paper to add to the augmented reality world in Major’s Hill Park, any shape is fine
 -Please attach one or two of your children’s self-portraits artworks and send them to children@ottawaart.city before July 4th.
 -If you’d like, please include your child’s first name or initials to help make it easier for you to identify your child’s portrait at the event
 -The event is free; any child from 1-13 years old is welcome to submit (if your older child is keen on submitting we won’t be checking anyone’s age)

Your family will be able to pose with and leave comments on artwork and share it on social media. After you enjoy the Children’s Commons, you are welcome to take a stroll and check out the rest of the AR art featured downtown.

To enjoy Children’s Commons, you will require an iPhone; unfortunately, the Android version of the software is not ready yet.

During and after the festival, anyone can download HIDELIGHT for free from the App Store. After the festival, anyone will continue to be able to upload their own Augmented Reality to any location around the planet for everyone to experience.

Children’s Commons is presented as part of Ottawa Art City: The Augmented Reality Festival. The event was conceived to highlight artists and arts institutions in Ottawa that have been severely impacted by the pandemic.