To Join the Festival

All the pins represent art for you to check out

Use the new Hidelight app to experience art in public outdoor spaces through Augmented Reality (AR) technology. You can capture your experience in photo and video and then share it on social media using #OttawaArtCity or #Hide.lights. Created by Ontario-based artist Paul Sharp in response to the global pandemic, this app aims to support artists in disseminating their work outside of gallery and museum exhibition spaces. 


Download the free Hidelight app from the App Store, which is 62.8 MB in size. The app is currently available in English only, and requires an iOS 10.0 or later device. The application is still in development and will soon be available on Android.


* You can access the works directly without having to create an account.

  • Open the app in front of the information panel’s location. Be sure to hold your phone vertically, without moving, to download the content nearby. Note that the location of the artwork may vary within 5 metres.
  • Once located, you can magnify the image by clicking on the magnifying glass with a plus sign (top left of the image).
  • To see the other locations, click on the map icon at the bottom left of your screen. The works are located with the red markers📍.
  • Immortalize this moment in photo or video, by clicking on the icon in the centre. Share them on social media using #OttawaArtCity or #Hide.lights.
  • Note that a full charge of your phone guarantees a better experience of the app.


  • Create an account or log in.
  • Hold the "+" in the middle of your screen for a few seconds, you will be redirected to a page to create and share your content.
  • You can add image content (PNGs for best results), video, audio file, 3D model; or even create your own exhibition. To do so, import a file from your iPhone library; name your file; create a new layer; indicate the format of the uploaded file.
  • Note that your contribution is public. Any sexist, racist, homophobic or hateful content will be removed.

Pour participer au festival

Utilisez la nouvelle application Hidelight pour faire l’expérience d'œuvres d’art en réalité augmentée (RA) dans les espaces extérieurs publics. Vous pouvez également capter votre expérience par photo et vidéo et partagez-les ensuite sur les réseaux sociaux en utilisant #OttawaArtCity or #Hide.lights. Créée par l’artiste ontarien Paul Sharp, en réponse à la pandémie mondiale, cette application vise à soutenir les artistes dans la diffusion de leurs œuvres à l’extérieur des salles d’exposition des galeries et des musées. 


Téléchargez gratuitement l’application Hidelight sur l’App Store, d’une taille de 62.8 MB. L’application offerte pour l’instant en anglais seulement, requiert un appareil iOS 10.0 ou un plus récent. L’application est toujours en développement et sera bientôt disponible sur Android.


* Vous pouvez accéder directement aux œuvres sans avoir à créer de compte.

  • Ouvrez l’application devant l’emplacement du panneau d'information. Assurez-vous de tenir votre téléphone verticalement, sans bouger, pour télécharger le contenu à proximité. Notez que la localisation de l'œuvre peut varier dans un rayon de 5 mètres.
  • Une fois localisée, il vous est possible de grossir l’image en cliquant sur la loupe munie d’un plus (en haut à gauche de l’image).
  • Pour connaître les autres emplacements, cliquez sur l’icône de la carte au bas à gauche de votre écran. Les œuvres sont localisées grâce aux marqueurs rouges📍.
  • Immortalisez cet instant en photo ou en vidéo, en cliquant sur l’icône du centre. Partagez-les sur les réseaux sociaux en utilisant #OttawaArtCity or #Hide.lights.
  • Notez qu’une pleine recharge de votre téléphone vous garantit une meilleure expérience de l’application.


  • Créez un compte ou connectez-vous.
  • Maintenez quelques secondes le “+” dans le milieu de votre écran, vous serez redirigé sur une page pour créer et partager votre contenu.
  • Vous pouvez ajouter un contenu image (format PNGs pour un meilleur résultat), vidéo, fichier audio, modèle 3D ; ou même créer votre propre exposition. Pour ce faire, importez un fichier depuis la bibliothèque de votre iPhone ; nommez votre fichier ; créer un nouveau calque ; indiquez le format du fichier téléchargé.
  • Notez que votre contribution est publique. Tout contenu sexiste, raciste, homophobe ou haineux sera supprimé.

What is Ottawa Art City?

Ottawa Art City is a festival designed to showcase our local talent via the Hidelight app using Augmented Reality (AR) technology. It will allow each contributor to post their work around various Ottawa locations. You can post a single piece of work, or create your own mini exhibit. You will be able to expand your audience and encourage viewers to discover hidden treasures. You can even hang around your work and interact with the viewers as they look at each piece.

What is Hidelight?

Hidelight is a new app that will help artists showcase their work, while connecting to the local creative scene. It allows you to post and contribute your photography, paintings, music/sounds, video and poetry anywhere outdoors, using AR. The AR experience will allow you to bring the art gallery outdoors, and help you reach and interact with new audiences. You can also collaborate with other artists to increase your exposure and strengthen the local art community. You will be able to watch as people discover and experience your work while it is showcased around Ottawa.

What are the benefits of joining Ottawa Art City?

Social media plays a large part in how artists can grow their following and discover new work. During Ottawa Art City, when people view your work they will be able to instantly connect to your website or social media accounts. You will also have the option to sell your work from the app through a link to your shop if you choose. With the help of Shopify you will be able to direct the viewer to your online store created with their platform. All Ottawa Art City contributors will be given an extended free promotional period to create their own web-store using Shopify’s services. You will also have access to a “community liaison” that will help mentor you and set up your own customized shop. We hope that Ottawa Art City will help you reach your goals, whether that is to expand your audience, build your community or generate sales from your art. If you want to be part of an exciting new experience please apply today to be a free contributor. Hidelight will be launched during the Ottawa Art City festival, but you will be able to continue on contributing your work once the event is over and in future festivals to come.

Why use Hidelight?

The pandemic forced us to find new ways to stay safely connected with our friends and family. For some artists, the pandemic pushed them to channel their creativity to help manage through the difficult times. Others had issues staying focused or motivated to keep going. Using Hidelight you can create your own public art spaces, or discover what other local artists are doing. Visitors to your work will also be able to send you tips when they feel inspired. You can do all this while safely getting exercise and exploring the outdoors. We hope that by seeing the work of your community it will help to inspire you and give hope for the future.